Old Lady Overdoes Piercings

Body piercings certainly can be sexy. I’ve had girlfriends with nipple rings and they looked nice. It enhanced their assets. Some of these people have become addicted to it. They keep getting more and more parts pierced with bigger and bigger holes. Again, so far they look nice and enhance their physiques.

Now, no one wants to think about it when they’re doing it, but people get older. You could very well find yourself pushing 50 one day with 20 piercings in your labia. Sure, I bet it really did look nice when you were young and tight, but now the weight of your jewelry has caused your lips to sag like they are nut sacks.

For fucks sake, they are piercings not tattoos. Couldn’t you have thought to take them out 10 years prior? Saved yourself before it was too late? There is one point in the vid where the guy pulled it open to get his tongue in. It reminded me of those Stretch Armstrong dolls.

Excuse me while I go vomit from thinking about this vag belting out jingle bells.

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