Few people know or care that the reason why I started DrunkenStepfather.com….

I was working in the warehouse at a porn distribution company, one of my many useless dead end jobs I did to pay for my drinking, partying, hookers and whatever else I barely had enough money to do.

As the boxes came in, I’d start cracking jokes about the porn Titles and eventually the boss asked me to write their monthly catalogs, even though I hardly knew how to write.

I did that for a few months before getting fired for a combination of being unable to show up on time, constantly writing racist and offensive shit they couldn’t run with, showing up to work drunk, sleeping on the job with various female staff and a serious issue with stealing porn and selling it to my friends and idiots I met while drinking….

In my early forced retirement, while living off my fat wife’s disability checks in our shitty one room apartment, I ended up starting DrunkenStepfather.com out of boredom on Blogspot back in 2004. It evolved into a celebrity site…Now, I don’t care about celebs and never did, but I keep it going cuz I feel like I have to since it is all I have going for me, but my one true passion remains writing about smut. So I started this.

So from my depraved mind of to yours….we bring you stepSMUT….

With Love,

Jesus Martinez