Viking ships rise where the moon falls (stupid music festival sex)

When you talk slowly about old stuff and religious symbols, and play slide guitar at the same time, you are allowed to be remixed (the first door). There are many old men who will gladly do this for you. A cornucopia of sad old men in ADIDAS outfits, men of all different colours and shapes, but wearing the same Emperor’s __you know__. You ask them why you would let them remix??

Usually old men who want fuck rich twenty year old girls. They will buy a turntable and an ADIDAS snakeskin sweatsuit. They will mix your song with ELECTRONIC BASE and then they will be allowed to pass the second door, which is a giant gold pussy. So you will get money for their gratitude.

So talk about Viking ships and the moon. Lie about viking ships and the moon. I have been reading about Moses and God in the old Testament, and I now know how to pass the third door, which isn;t even attached to the other doors… you have to be the third door. I am the womb that David Guetta crawled up into. I am the sea that was parted… Even if I didn’t want to be. So what do I do now? What do I do after I’ve fucked the old DJ? I see the door in the mirror, but how do I pass through if I’m the frame?

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