The Squirtinator is My Hero of the Day

It’s actually very easy to make women have intense crazy orgasms. Yet so few guys know how to really REALLY do it. Watch this video and take notes. Use this on any and every woman you want to impress and she will always be at your beckon call and cater to your every need and desire.

Tread lightly though. Power like this will make a girl completely addicted to you. Making a girl cum like this is like giving crack to a junkie. She will crave you every minute of the day. She will drive for hours in the middle of the night and paid unheard of bridge tolls just to have you because it is THAT good. She would give away her inheritance and entire life savings in a heartbeat to a Miss Cleo type phone psychic to remove voodoo curses and protect you at the thought of losing you…and your magic hand. True story. Wish it wasn’t, but alas us women being the selfish cunts we are can have these orgasms over and over again with no downtime. It is a beautiful thing.

The Squirtinator shows you the techniques and they are real and they are spectacular. Not that I ever got to meet The Squirtinator, but he is my hero of the day because he’s smart enough to use the power to get himself a job where he just goes around making all the girls that would normally have nothing to do with him spread their legs and let him make them cum a few times. Then he gets to suck the sweetness of them all off of his fingers one after another after another.

After watching this, I can’t help but thinking that I choose the wrong path in life. I wish I would of thought to do this first, but he already took the cool obvious name so fuck it. But I bow to you Squirtinator, you are probably the slyest business entrepreneur I now sort of know.

***SPECIAL FOR THE LADIES OF THE DAY*** I’m now accepting applications to let me test out these tricks on you. No charge! Email me your shaved pussy pics to It will be the best experience you’ll ever have. Or if you’re a dude you can email me pics of your naked girlfriends and brighten my day. Cause I like that shit.

Squirtinator shows how to make her squirt brought to you by MadamMeow

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