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Tale As Old As Time

Tale As Old As Time

I guess there’s another big “celebrity” nude leak happening right now. It makes me think back to yesteryear. A time most seem to call “The 80’s and 90’s”. It was a simpler time then. When celebrity nudes were of women hotter than the average girl working at CVS. The kind […]

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When Porn Was Porn

When Porn Was Porn

You might be shocked to know that back in the day, porn movies were actually movies. Most were comedies (a few are actually funny), but every once in a while you got a musical. A fucking musical. This one was pretty controversial at the time because some Oscar nominated composer […]

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UK Big Broher Tashie Jackson Sex Tape

So some no name from UK Big Brother has released a sex tape, which is only natural because the kind of bitch who would be compelled to do Big Brother…or any reality show for that matter…is the kind who is trying to get famous….and what better way to get famous […]

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