Some Random Jenna Haze Videos!

One year at the AVN Porn Awards an insane, tight, hot little slut got on stage to accept some prestigious award for best female star or some shit, and she started to cry, so proud of her accomplishments…That is the kind of passion I want in a pornstar…one who takes her work seriously enough to know fucking on camera isn’t just fucking on camera…and those proud, hard workers make for good jerk off material….

That insane, tight, hot little slut was Jenna Haze and here’s a bunch of her videos..

Jenna Haze fucking a dude …. for money….

Jenna Haze going to College to get fucked and not to get a degree

8 Girls Versus Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze Fucking Chicks in Public Bathrooms

Jenna Haze Anal Play with Some Chick

Jenna Haze Giving Proper Head….

Jenna Haze’s First Anal on Camera….

Teen Anal Threesome!

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