Published on March 16th, 2017 | by JesusMartinez


Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape of the Day

Jasmine Waltz is a social media personality who somehow got onto a UK reality show to build her following…

She’s consistently topless, or in weird sexual settings as a hot chick in LA would be…these rich guys who pay them are perverts…and these girls fucking love the debauchery….it pays the rent and means they don’t have to work….

This is an Old sex tape, but it’s making the rounds so give her the attention she deserves…and wants…and has been chasing all these years….that hasn’t quite worked out for her, but at least she’s not a stripper in her hometown..


About the Author

Been trouble making on the internet for a long fucking time. Normally found at the mothership - DrunkenStepfather.com, but frequently posting the dirtier finds here...Likes looking for love in all the wrong places. Really likes nudes...no0dz...Really, really likes tap dancing...Little known fact about me - I remember when sexting was called cybering. Now, touch your toes...

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