Cleaning Ladies

A lot of men fantasize about having sexy maids, but the truth of the matter is that there are few maids that dress up in those sexy black and white short skirted uniforms anymore. Nowadays, maids have been replaced by cleaning ladies.

Most cleaning ladies, at least where I am from, are fresh off the boat españitas that clean houses by day and clean poles by night. If you know what I mean, and I mean by rubbing their assholes and crotches up and down on it.

Yeah go cry because I sounded racist. Come to my town and you will see how true it is. Although not all of them are of latina decent. I knew a white kid, let’s just call him Roger, whose mom was a stripper and was also a “cleaning lady”. Of course since she was white she was also a waitress during the day, but that’s what these women do. They work hard for your dollar…or quarters as is the case with the waitressing.

I remember going over another friend’s house one day, and the stripper/cleaning lady mom came over. Basically, we had to wait outside while she serviced my friend with her “cleaning” skills. Yeah, an hour later other than some magazines being piled up, no one could tell what exactly was “cleaned”…as nothing was, besides his cock of course. And we laughed, and oh how we laughed. Because Roger’s mom is a slut.

True story!

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