Tiny Ass, Huge Toy – Extreme Anal!

You really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. For instance, in this video, you see a chick with a tiny ass and you would naturally assume her ass is tight. However, this chick likes to fuck a toy that is the equivalent of a traffic cone in size, and she takes it like it is a tiny finger.

I am left wondering how someone trains themselves to accomplish such a feat. I’m guessing you start out small with like 9 inch penises and then work your way up to overgrown summer squash. I’m guessing guys like Jonah Falcon fuck this bitch and get disappointed that she doesn’t cry in pain or bleed like other girls and that there is no traction, so in effect, he can’t bust his load.

I am also wondering what is next for this amazing woman. Will she be carrying around circus midgets that can exit her ass one after another like it’s a clown car? Or perhaps she is more evil and shoves whole babies into her ass for later trade on the black market.

The world is full possibilities.

Are you a girl that likes shoving stuff up your ass? Let me see it. Most creative/impressive item might net you a big reward which will most likely be a gaping hole in your ass, and the bragging rights, but hey…it’s something! madammeow@drunkenstepfather.com

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