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Published on March 6th, 2012 | by Jesus Martinez


Tila Tequila Almost Died for Publicity, Too Bad She Didn’t of the Day

I know, I thought she was already dead. I mean cuz her career that never should have been kinda faded…..

But whenever Tila Tequila has a Brain Aneurysm and downs two bottles of prescription pills and almost dies….claiming she hasn’t recovered in efforts to draw some attention to herself so that she gets in the media again because being a Myspace whore with millions of fake friends the mainstream media thought was real friends, leading to her landing in Playboy and Getting on TV on some of the dumbest shit ever to be on TV…doesn’t have longevity…..

I feel the need to WATCH HER SEX TAPE that was her last publicity stunt before converting to being jewish in efforts to re-invent her career hoping as hard as she can to keep it going….but from sex tape to suicide….she’s always failing…….one day I just wish she suceeded….


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