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Published on December 22nd, 2012 | by JesusMartinez


Pregnant Sex

Watchign pregnant chicks fuck always makes me feel wholesome and classy – especially during the holidays…it is all about family and togetherness and the idea that a bitch is so fucking hard up for money that she does this – is fucking porno….all porn should be done this way…

What the fuck went on in her life to make this happen….

SXafe to say….what you are looking at is a future criminal before he’s out of her crackden of a womb….CRAZY

About the Author

Been trouble making on the internet for a long fucking time. Normally found at the mothership - DrunkenStepfather.com, but frequently posting the dirtier finds here...Likes looking for love in all the wrong places. Really likes nudes...no0dz...Really, really likes tap dancing...Little known fact about me - I remember when sexting was called cybering. Now, touch your toes...

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