Post-Op Masturbation

SOoooooo…This made me gag….seriously.

Not because I’m not into freakish changing nature with dramatic surgery to appease shit going on in your brain thanks to some kind of dysmorphia.

I am inclusive even if I call them trannies or ITS.

If you want to cut off your dick because in your mind you’re a woman, do it, but that doesn’t mean seeing a vagina cum like a dude…because post-op transgendered people keep their prostate….and the prostate makes a lot of the semen…especially in this much volume is something I ever want to experience one drunken night after taking that girl with the deep voice home not realizing in this gender fluidity world…where she doesn’t have to tell me she has a prostate…only to be surprised in the worst way.

What I’m saying is that I do not want gender fluid – on my face…

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