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Religious Experience

Hello kittens! Thought I’d introduce myself. I’m a 24-year-old southern belle, and I’m a new writer here at Drunken Stepfather. As you can see I go by the name Virgin Mary. I am a very bad Catholic girl, so Jesus & I thought we’d keep a theme going. Speaking of […]

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My mom taught me to ride a bike. This girl's mom taught her something much more useful.

Today’s smutMEET

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The Graduate XXX Porn Parody Exclusive Clip of the Day

Here’s an exclusive clip of The Graduate XXX, a high brow, dramatic parody that looks fucking genius….you won’t be able to jerk off to this clip, but it’s definitely worth watching cuz some serious time and money went into making this happen, and as someone who hates studio porn, or […]

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Pornstar Riley Steele’s Naked Twitpic

Pornstar Riley Steele’s Naked Twitpic

Riley Steele posted a topless pic on TWITTER for all her pervert fans. I guess I should never complain when a bitch posts a naked pic for the public using their twitter, because it’s a naked pic of a bitch, but when the naked pic is of a pornstar, who’s […]

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Hairy Pussy Voyeur Shower Video Peeping

There are a few things I love in life and one of those things is naked women, the other is the challenge of seeing those girls naked…..because the girls I don’t know, other than strippers, aren’t so easy to give it up….and one of the last things I like is […]

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Young Couple Film Sex on the Couch

I always wonder when watching sex tapes if the video idea is the dude, you know cuz he wants to document getting fucked, you know to prove to his friends that it happened, or maybe it was the bitch, cuz she likes porn, aspires to fuck well, has been practicing, […]

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Old Lady Fucking Young Looking Weirdo

This is some Macaulay Culkin, DJ Qualls, Napolean McLovin weirdo 18 year old fucking some old lady for money…It looks like some low budget Russian or Eastern European quality production…that is hardly erotic, unless you grew up wanting to fuck anything with a vagina, if just for the experience, especially […]

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Parents Get Caught Fucking By Their Kid

I don ‘t know if this is staged, I am going to assume that it is because it is porn and even as amateur as the shit looks, you know some planning went into it, by at least one party… I’m used to seeing videos of kids getting busted by […]

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Reader Submitted No Hands Vagina Athlete of the Day

My favorite pierced pussy athlete is back again…the other day it was a glass toy no hand penetration this time it is no hands with a ball toy that she’s pops out of her like a pitcher at a baseball game if the pitcher was a vagina. This brings me […]

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Reader Submitted Self Shot No Hands Vagina Play of the Day

I love when people send info (AT) dirty videos they produce themselves – it brings me great joy and functions as a currency that inspires my daily life….I have a goal of seeing every vagina I can and every little video sent in helps that goal…. This is an […]

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Ashlynn Brook’s Big Tits Gets Fucked in an Elevator


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Old Lady Masturbating of the Day

I wonder what went wrong in her life that lead her to doing this….I mean she’s definitely a mom, likely a grandma and she’s decided it was a good idea to finger herself on camera for a few bucks…I mean is her house in foreclosure, maybe she’s got a sick […]

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