Monday’s Memorable Moments in Masturbation!

ah, the good old days. when we used to have to put on some sort of weird disguise, and actually drive down the road to BUY our porn. what a drag. well, those days are long gone, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t re-live the moments that once were.

todays trip down memory lane features the final scene in a DVD that is all but out of circulation for some reason or another. one that features superslut kami andrews getting her butthole pummeled by brandon iron in such a way that we wonder how she ever came to walk again afterwards. the film was directed by mason (from back when mason was awesome) and has some rather extreme sex featured throughout, to put it lightly.

ladies and gentleman, i give to thee, kami andrews and brandon iron from the final scene from 2004’s RIOT SLUTS! whack on!

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