Japanese Facial Blasts

One of the things I get a kick out of with some Asian porn is that they feel the need to censor penises (penisi?) out of the video. Maybe they feel it’s gay to watch a penis even if it is pleasuring a yellow cat.

Or maybe in all those videos, we just assume it’s a penis, but maybe Asian men don’t really have penises (penisi?). Maybe Asian men are really aliens that fornicate with another type of tool that maybe vomits jizz and is so heinous to watch, it must be blurred to save ourselves?

That must be it. I’m on to something. It would explain why we can’t watch an Asian woman get fucked by an Asian man’s “penis”, but we can watch her fuck herself with produce, pencils, razor handles and any other random doesn’t belong in a vagina object they can get their hands on.

Now I want you to watch this video of Japanese men giving monster load facials. And in the place of the blurred out ejaculating penis, picture the alien penis from the photo above vomiting all that hot sticky cum on these ladies faces.

I kind of wish they would just show it, it would make for more fulfilling porn.

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