He’s Balancing a Diamond on a Blade of Grass

Half of your two friends think you are a good girl who wears tampons and only has protected sex. The other half thinks you don’t even shave anymore; your bush hair just falls out from all the diseased dicks they think you’re pumping for cash and revenge… even though nothing bad has ever happened to you before…

But now that you’re on the internet, you have a cause. An injustice has been committed against you.

So you try and flood the market with nipples and ass, de-sensitizing The Enemy: the male sex, who is both the creator and enslaver of The Cleft.

And then your nipples are jerked off to, mercilessly, as they become just a new genre of pornography for the voyeur.

I think you need to realize that people will jerk off to your breasts, and that is OK. It’s human. And if you respect that, then they owe it to you to treat you with kindness and not molest you or believe that you are inferior to them. Stop shaming the jerk off. Stop shaming the tits. Shut the fuck up now.

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