Fuck Buddies aka Fuck Around Friends

Fuck buddies are the types of buddies you don’t want to give up. They are the friendships you treasure more than the rest. They are the people you see just to fuck. And they become your favorite people to see as you know when you do you are getting some. No hassle, no fuss just sweet unadulterated pleasure.

And as LustySlut commented:
“Oh Yeah! Fuck Buddies. A good Slut should have one or more. No drama to deal with. Just call one up and do some Nasty Fucking. The only reason they exist is for a Slut to use their Hard DICK in an uninhibited Naughty and Nasty Fuck Session then you send them home. Get Naked and let them use you.”

So in conclusion, make sure you fuck your buddies today, all you can. Like there’s no tomorrow. Cause you never know and you might as well have all the fun you can while you still can.

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